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Newcastle's Purple Peacock gets the 360 Photo Booth treatment with weekly hire.

WDN Photo Booth had the pleasure of being enlisted to provide a captivating 360 Photo Booth experience for the Purple Peacock's "Carnival de Peacock" event in the vibrant heart of Newcastle, spanning across multiple weekends. Our mission was clear: infuse the festivities with an extra dose of excitement while promoting the brand through instantaneous social sharing.

Nestled in the breath taking 55 Degrees North, with the iconic Tyne Bridge as its backdrop, the WDN Photo Booth team embarked on the task of orchestrating a visual spectacle that would not only enhance the overall atmosphere of the event but also generate intrigue around both the show and the venue across two distinct locations.

The first setting was strategically placed within the show area, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for the creation of dynamic videos throughout the night. This not only added an extra layer of visual appeal to the event but also contributed to heightened awareness on social media, showcasing both the architectural beauty of the building and the vibrancy of the Purple Peacock brand.

360 Photo Booth within the show area of Purple Peacock Newcastle
360 photo booth at Purple Peacock in Newcastle

The second location for the 360 photo booth was on the entrance of the building, against a colourful LED framed backdrop providing huge visual impact and interest.

360 Photo Booth in Purple Peacock, Newcastle
WDN 360 Standard Photo Booth at the entrance to Newcastle's Purple Peacock

Capturing the attention of guests upon their initial entry into the venue not only heightened anticipation but also significantly increased awareness of the venue itself. By minimizing distractions, we witnessed a notable uptick in social sharing activity, thereby amplifying brand visibility for the event.

To add an extra layer of engagement, we crafted bespoke four-second intro videos for our 360 experiences. These custom intros not only enhanced the overall appeal of the videos but also served as powerful catalysts for promoting brand expansion and generating heightened interest across social platforms.

Here's a glimpse of one of the dynamic output videos captured by our 360 Photo Booth during the event. Our 360 Photo Booth hire, spanning several weekends, generated a series of lively and impactful videos. These videos were seamlessly shared from our mobile sharing station directly to customers' phones and across various social media platforms, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the event.


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