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Beamish Hall Hotel Wedding with the 360 Photo Booth

Beamish Hall Hotel
Beamish Hall Hotel for a 360 Photo Booth Wedding

"WDN Photo Booth had the honour of bringing our immersive 360 Photo Booth experience to Amy and Kyle's wedding at the picturesque Beamish Hall Hotel.

Anticipating a crowd of over 100 guests eager to capture memories, we strategically positioned our 360 Photo Booth in the main room, towards the rear. This ensured ample space for guests to enjoy the experience while preserving the elegance of the venue in the background of their videos.

To personalize the experience, we crafted a bespoke 4-second video introduction featuring the names of the happy couple, the wedding location, and date which features at the beginning of each shared video.

Guests were instantly able to share their videos from the venue to social media via our LED Sharing Station, adding to the excitement of the celebration.

Our commitment to safety and seamless integration led us to utilize battery-powered technology, eliminating the need for unsightly cables and potential trip hazards. This ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

With our signature dynamic ring of LEDs encircling the base, our 360 Photo Booth not only illuminated the venue floor about the video area, but also added a mesmerizing visual element to the captured videos.

At WDN Photo Booth, we take pride in providing a high end, engaging and fun 360 photo booth experience across the North East and North Yorkshire, perfect for weddings, birthdays, and any celebration .

One of our final videos from the night


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